With this blog, I hope to create a forum for like-minded style-philes –whether you follow the runway shows religiously or not– to discuss the things out there within the vein of fashion, art and style, which we find interesting and note-able (things that make us sing!!!….no matter how tone-deaf-wary the listener be).

I, myself, am attracted to a wide range of designers and styles, whether the clothes fit my personal style or not.  Those that typically catch my ii’s are anything but typical.  I am most attracted to the twisted thinking behind the designs, ample use of irony, and unorthodox styling.  Here are the high notes that I died-and-rose-from-re-composted-soil-for to celebrate here.  (Stinky as it sounds, it was my attempt to get on the GREEN-conscious soultrain.)  Call me the fat lady singing, but I’d be honored to be caught dead in any one of these looks:  [Photos from Style.com]

Marc Jacobs


Louis Vuitton

Dries Van Noten



Sonia Rykiel

Julian Louie



Haider Ackerman

Christian Dior