I want to give a nod, and big fake-lash WINK, to Thom Browne for his Fall 11 Women’s collection.  After watching him, for a while now, lead the fashion-queen masses down the rabbit hole, following Alice to a strangely-stylish dance with absurd proportions and shrunken fits, I’ve wondered if Thom Browne isn’t the Mad Hatter himself.  If so, the tea he be serving is pretty strong.   And, though his party is certainly not for everyone, go ahead and try to find an empty chair at that table.

I love that he simultaneously imparts both a sophisticated, intellectual composure AND a twisted sense of humor on his pieces.  This collection gave me a mad-for-plaid-and-prep breakdown worthy of a shrunken straight jacket and a ‘CRAZY FOR THOM BROWNE’ diagnosis.  Aside from the prep-school tennis, plaid, and striped elements we’ve seen in his previous fare (and more of the print-blocking that happens to be right on-trend this season), what I was most attracted to were the sculptural aspects of what he served.  A high funnel neck, the sculpted cropped sleeves, and layered structured capes are what got me batting my lashes, on the verge of collapse.

Commit me if you will, but I swear I heard the details of the garments screaming ‘drink me!’, …’eat me!’,…’buy me!’   Surprisingly, I didn’t find this at-all strange, given that his women’s Black Fleece collection for Brooks Brothers “had me at ‘Hello!’,” years ago.  For a glimpse of the Fall 11 Thom Browne Women’s collection [photos from Style.com], and potentially brief taste of the asylum, see below: