My all-time-favorite wearable collection has to be Consuelo Castiglioni’s for Marni.  I am continually entranced season after season by the luxe fabrics, inspirational prints, the mixing of rich and beautifully odd contrasting colors and textures, as well as the dead-on styling.  These factors have caused the best of us (yours-truly not excluded) to salivate with Pavlovian anticipation for each new Marni collection, with or without the prompt of a ringing bell…be it door, school, Liberty, or otherwise.  For me, the Marni Fall 11 collection was no different in effect.

I have to admit that a recent ii-opening episode involving a bell more than validated my status as full-fledged addict.  While on line at the supermarket check-out, the ring of a bell accompanied by an announcement for “clean-up in aisle 9!” had me in a brief state of disorientation.  For one very long, embarrassing moment of panic, I wondered whether my own… errr,…drool…was the cause of the mess.  After all, my shopping cart drive-by, not five minutes earlier, past rolls of graphic-print shelf paper had me jonesing for the Fall Marni suit I’d been saving up for.

Had I lost my composure when cruising the aisle?  Thankfully not.  But, upon further consideration of my habit, I think a bib might be a more appropriate investment.  Yes, a Marni bib could (would!) be the perfect Rx for my condition.  I envision it made of colorful fur or pony skin, perhaps with some chunky baubles–something very Marni, of course.  This accessory would certainly accompany the line nicely, and offer others with my same…uh…’affliction’…a way to satiate their urge, while at the same time offering a practical solution for the fall-out.  My suggestion would be to ponder that quickly–and have bib handy–prior to viewing the looks below (my faves straight from the Fall 11Runway and