Bally Fall 2011 Boot


















One might consider leaving her mountain gear at the base camp when sporting this look.  I assure you, the only climbing these boots will be doing is on a social ladder, or from the foot of a bed to its headboard, accompanied by the ‘safe’ word, “AVALANCHE!”

Even the most fashion-savvy outdoorsy type, no matter how physically fit, risks living socially past her first fall (never mind the Fall season) in these. Navigating the stairs—let alone a mountain trail—is a challenge that will require a good deal of practice, killer coordination, and, quite frankly, for the wearer to be schooled in street walking. Otherwise, sadly, I fear the Alpine adventure will be confined to nose-bleed seats at a theater nearby.

My point being….it takes a special kind of girl to slip comfortably into this gear, get around town looking fabulous and arrive home by dawn without incurring a serious injury.  She’d most likely be a six-foot-two Diana Ross wannabe, sporting size-12 heels and belting out “Ain’t no mountain High Enough…”, for a cash tip. And, though she would clearly be experienced in a night of ‘camping’ under the stars, I think we’d all prefer that a really-smokin’ female superhero swoop down from a tall building to save us from that image.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a sick heel. And, I can’t wait to see these boots out there fearlessly strutting the town, on a bitchin’ broad. Watch out, she be packin’ a steel heel and killer fashion instinct! Her fan club starts here.  [Photo from]