We already know that bold prints, especially the island florals, are a big trend story for Resort 2012. But, would you ever have imagined that matching the print of one’s shirt to the print of one’s pants, to the print of one’s jacket, to that of one’s hat, and so on—once considered a stamp of the fashion novice—could be a refreshingly inventive new way to style them?


Antonio Marras



























Not since Garanimals, at age 5, have I had this much excitement over the thought of matchy-matchy silhouettes. Oddly more subtle than the cacophony of mixing several prints among various coordinating pieces–the sign of a true fashion diva if you can pull it off (check out Prada’s Resort ’12 collection)–this is still a bold look reserved for the risk-takers who are up to walking a fine line that skirts the fashion faux-pas. On one hand, entering a room dressed in the same print from head to toe is a sure way to stand out and get noticed. On the other, if the walls and windows of the room you’re standing in are also wearing your look, it may warrant apprehension by the fashion police…(if they can find you!) Comprendez?

HINT: Appearing as if you’ve been wallpapered head-to-toe, by the contractor who’s renovating your country house, is NOT the aim here.  The look requires clean, sharp execution, accompanied by a crisp, sophisticated attitude.  The bolder the print, the cleaner the structure of the garment should be.  Suggested accessories: a smirk and a wink. Here are some Resort ’12 looks that inspired me to dive full-body into what I’m dubbing ‘The Wallpapered Look’.  Photos from Style.com.

Louis Vuitton




Stella McCartney




Ter et Bantine

Marc Jacobs