This entry is part of my RESORT ’12 TOP FAVES series.





































PROENZA SCHOULER: There was an intellectual exploration of earthiness, here, that attracted me. A perfect balance of muted organic color, depth of texture, and careful placement of abstract print (all tucked within the confines of a minimalist silhouette) gave the collection a restrained-yet-polished ethnic flavor.

The items themselves seemed to defy being defined by any particular season. Most of the collection had a virtually-year-round ‘wear now’ quality, an element that should surely increase its must-have status amongst discerning between-season shoppers.

One of my favorite looks, with a luxe ‘hiking in the Andes’ vibe, effortlessly paired a graphic Peruvian knit hooded pullover with a leather-trimmed, cargo-pocketed skirt. This could just as easily be outfitted with thick wool socks, leather-laced boots, a python-bound travel journal under the arm, and set of vintage Hermes luggage waiting back at the base camp.













RESORT DESTINATION???: Machu Picchu, anyone?

The colorblock-striped suiting pieces were particularly dynamic, evoking the striations of sun-soaked earth amidst a panorama of mountain peaks. While it is certainly debatable whether the wearer would endure even ten minutes of the arduous hike to the summit where ruins of an Inca city bask in the sun, fear not. The image is one of subliminal suggestion, to be contemplated by a traveler of the sleek-leather armchair variety, martini in hand, while admiring her recent Sotheby’s conquest hanging on the wall.

Though I, by no means, claim to be a connoisseur of the arts, there are surely more than a few statement pieces worth collecting, here. These looks and the rest of the Proenza Schouler Resort ’12 collection can be seen @

Machu Picchu -photo by Pedro Szekely-2007 @