work by artist Michael C. Goodward


I love this piece by Michael Goodward.  It always makes me laugh, and never lacks inspiration. So quiet and simple.  Yet screams with irony.  Apparently, the time is ALWAYS ‘now.’

Uh,…Duh. So why do I spend most of my time in over-analysis of my yesterday and anticipation of my tomorrow?  I can’t remember the last time I sat and relaxed in the present. My thoughts are more often lost in time, somewhere else. To think what I’ve been missing out on, eh?

YIKES! I just missed another ‘now’ moment.

'watch' by Maison Martin Margiela 2011


Furthermore, time is what we make of it. Something I gleaned from this statement piece above. Here, in typical MMM (or hMMM???) fashion, is a ‘watch’ that seems to be telling much more than the time. It really speaks to me.

At first, I heard:  “Stop watching the clock. Pay attention to what’s happening around you, stupid!”  Then I heard:  “A watch is a watch is a watch.  It is but an object. INSERT YOUR FACE HERE, IN PLACE OF THIS ONE.” 

While the mechanism itself is a timeless piece of fashion that will never go out of style, ‘time’ –and how one spends it– is clearly subjective to the wearer and more fleeting than this season’s collections.  In fact, a person spending that much cash on a watch that doesn’t tell time is yet-another telling part of the art.  Or not.  Maybe the point is to not over-think it and just buy it, if I like it. Ku-ching, end of story.

Does anyone ever have the time?  Mine is running away from me.  Yes, I’m late.  My life is waiting, at the intersection of Regret and Potential, for further direction.