Thom Browne Spring '12














Thom Browne, as usual, gave us another round of calculated absurdity to contemplate this past week. With the Spring ’12 collection, he kicked the recent comeback of a low waisted Twenties-era silhouette a couple feet further south, toward the floor. The ii’s saw this hyper-literal interpretation of the ‘drop waist’ as brilliant.

The waist of his skirts, dangling from red, white & blue garters, gave a patriotic wave in the direction of the wearer’s knees and new meaning to ‘fly by the seat of one’s pants.’

Thom Browne Spring '12














Which brings me to the pants…
An extra seat, riding 6 inches below the bottom of the first, could have easily fit an additional passenger, along with any extra junk they’d be adding to the trunk.

Let this be a lesson in form and multi-functionality to all the kids out there dragging their droopy drawers around town, letting their cracks hang out with those on the sidewalk, littering the streets with their business.

Thom Browne Spring '12














Browne’s business is irony. It is the method to his madness. There is a consistency to the disproportion, which makes sense of it.

Along with the deep shift of waistline to the thighs, lapels were lengthened by the foot, and a healthy arm was added to extend a sleeve ’til it intentionally sagged lifeless. (Perhaps it died laughing?)

Shoulders piled with a heightened sense of UN-REALity swallowed the models’ necks, leaving a teeny tiny head with big disc-shaped eyes to carry the weight of INSANELY LARGER THAN LIFE ‘baubles’ (fashioned from rubber-duckies), strung long and low, further enhancing the caricature.

While the story Thom Browne told was a very long and exaggerated one, it was certainly entertaining. His will surely remain one of the more memorable shows of the season.

Thom Browne Spring '12














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