I would be remiss if I moved onto the London shows without mentioning Marc Jacobs’ Spring ’12 collection, the perfect send-off we needed to make that jump to the other side of the pond.

































It was a slice of Americana…served upside down, with a saucy attitude drizzled on top. Afterall, what could be more American than gingham, cowboys, penny loafers, the car wash, and plastic wrap?

























(Apparently, the hunk of Velveeta originally intended for the pocket of the plastic dress was cut from the line. Rumor has it, final edit was made by the backstage caterer wielding a big knife.)

Good choice, Marc. Not sure even YOU could make that look good…regardless of the ‘splash of orange’ it might’ve lent the presentation.





































Just to recap, here were the references I picked up on in the collection:

(mixed up American Western, with a twist of luxury)

(a mood of ’60s-mod)

(items which could’ve easily given a shimmy-shammy to the hood of your ’67 Chevy)

(ruched and wrapped in plastic, for hamming it up)

I’d say that’s aLOTTA-LOTTA look! And, though the themes might seem to jump around a bit, the show was still much smoother than a ride in the back of a pick-up truck. This was my favorite Marc Jacobs show in recent American history.


These photos and more of the collection @ Style.com.