Raf Simons has been busy being brilliant. His all-encompassing look for the Jil Sander Spring ’12 collection quite literally spanned head to floor, whereby the runway itself was a crucial participant in rounding out the overall artistic statement.







































With an influence of Neoplasticism in the actual structure of the runway, and faces borrowed from Picasso’s artwork woven into the knitwear pieces, I wondered where Peggy Guggenheim was hiding. Surely she’d have been a celebrity destined for front row seating at this venue, back in the day. Styled with her ubiquitous bat-winged eye wear, or Alexander Calder earrings, she would’ve made quite the statement in this season’s Jil Sander.

Reproduction of Peggy Guggenheim's eye wear @ http://www.guggenheimstore.org




Pablo Picasso, Ceramic, 1955




































Now that Minimalist thought has come back in fashion–a no-brainer for the house of Jil Sander, an originator of the school– Raf Simons is propelling it forward by applying a creative stream of consciousness to the old rules. His collection had a refreshingly retro personality, while remaining true to the restraint of design, and simplicity of shape and fit.















He took quite stylized, and a-bit-quirky, historical references and somehow managed to lend a clean, crisp, modern hand to it. For example, a confetti-colored paisley print, cut into Mid-Century-inspired silhouettes, popped like eye candy against the graphic grid of the runway. The same paisley, executed in a fabrication that had a textured nap, danced with multiplied dimension. When styled with a tightly-laced-up white patent boot, it became a desirable confection with a strangely-naughty sophistication.


























Furthering the quirkiness, his hat with a veil was reminiscent of a demure Jackie Kennedy, but rendered in knit and sort of slouchy. This is something I’d be inclined to wear on almost any occasion, to add that necessary edge to an otherwise ordinary outfit. So great with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. (Check!….already on my list of must-haves.)














And, a Mod patent boot’s spat of woven caning, a material typically identifiable with the back of a chair, left me wondering if I should sit or stand in it. Regardless, whether on or off a foot, sitting next to the sofa or enhancing one’s backside, this boot will turn heads from any position.















The caning was a textural thread seen throughout the collection, replicated on other accessories and alluded to in the Ready-to-Wear. Its character was genius-ly mimicked in the intricate holey weave of the crocheted knits that coordinated back to the more solidly structured wovens.







































Naturally, it will be a while before you can get your hands on any of these works. In the meantime, here is something to occupy you while you wait. In the spirit of Peggy Guggenheim, and in an effort to “get your Picasso on” now, here is a website where you can kill some time creating your own…Picassohead.com.


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Picasso ceramic available @ Master Works Fine Art