Creatures that Crawl -ALEXANDER MCQUEEN











Ask me how close you can stand, when you’re spewing germs from a cold and riding my subway train. And, I will respond (gloved hand covering face) with an impatient wave in the direction of the next car.

But, inquire where your sick-est shoes can sit, and I will have them laying in my lap before you’ve even finished your sentence.


Doin' the Dance -DOLCE & GABBANA

Soaring on Spotted Wings -BALENCIAGA




























So it goes: contamination by sick shoe. A frequent victim of this…err…virus, I am always amazed at the spontaneity and speed by which the attack can occur, the irrational thought that accompanies it, and the contagion of excitement that ensues. Embarrassing as this is, I am confident that most of you, too, have not only suffered the symptoms, but have knowingly engaged in and willingly contributed to spreading them.


Go Grease Lightnin' -PRADA

High Security -GIO DIEV

Tangled in a Tango -MIU MIU












Shown here are my favorite Spring 2012 specimens to which I’ve given full authorization to freely spread their sick-ness in this direction.


Floral Fantasia -MISSONI


Quite the Catch -VIONNET




































Clearly it is an epidemic without a cure, with millions of fashion divas infected each season and feverish symptoms spreading exponentially. After all, what girl would have a fighting chance to ward off this recent strain of designer offerings?


Killer Laces -VIKTOR & ROLF

Seeing Red -CELINE


Moonwalk on Sea Shells -CHANEL

Back to the Future -RICK OWENS

Lean 'n' Mean -MUGLER

Mirror to the Sole -ROCHAS










































































While I’ve steeled my senses for a healthy fight, I am less than hopeful that my body, inner sole, and pocketbook will be able to resist that next dance with a sick shoe. It could be the fever talking, but I’d swear I heard a sick whisper, whistle, and wave coming from the Acne, Dolce and Rochas directions.


All Heels -ACNE

Out of the Woodwork -MARNI

Bad-to-the-RAG & BONE








































All shoes shown here are from the Spring 2012 designer collections.
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