"CRADLE" by Omar Angel Perez


I reckon these kicks will serve any aspiring Man-eater perfectly, undoubtedly leaving some serious bleeding hearts (and perhaps limbs) behind. In fact, I don’t doubt they’d be able to hunt down, kill and plate the…uhh, meat…as well.

All that, in addition to their clearly evident ability to tear up a dance floor, wreck the place, and end the night lying gleaming and naked in front of a roaring fire, on top of that bearskin rug they took down earlier.

Well, there you go…Drop-dead multi-functionality is always an added perk in a bear-market economy. Not that the girl attracted to these bad boys will be concerned with anything more than killah style!

Learn more about designer Omar Angel Perez and view more of his outrageous shoe sculptures @ www.omarperezstilettos.com.