Finger Lollipop from GAGA's WORKSHOP
















Giving someone the finger may not be terribly original. It takes place about a gazillion times a day around the globe and is recognizable in just about every language. However, if done in style, with some FLAY-va, one has a much better chance of being remembered for it.

But will the recipient go Ga-Ga for such a gift? Clearly, that’s what the executives at Barneys New York are counting on, as this is just one of a multitude of oddities offered at their Gaga’s Workshop. Who’d have thought that, at a remarkably affordable (given the cost of typical designer goods) twenty-five-bucks-a-pop, one’s delivery of the finger could be so stylish AND economical!

A sucker for sick humor and irony, myself, I was immediately attracted to the Schiaparelli-esque quality of the finger pop. Not to mention, there’s a huge surrealistic trend going on right now. So, I can see why the mouths of the fashion crowd might be inclined to give this some lip service.


Gloves by Elsa Schiaparelli (1936)


Whether or not the masses nourished on Pop Culture alone even know of the great Elsa Schiaparelli, let’s assume that the thumb print of Lady Gaga will be more than enough to point them in the direction of the cash register, in this case.


Gloves by Elsa Schiaparelli


Of course, if you’re on a budget (or stuck in your car, clawing for a mall parking space) you may want to bypass the designer-candy version altogether, and deliver your finger ‘old-school.’


Purchase Gaga’s Workshop candy finger lollipop at Barneys New York.

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