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This is not about X-ray vision or Extra Sensory Perception. Although, I HAVE become clear-voyant, recently. The ii’s have been seeing it everywhere!


Maison Martin Margiela - Spring 2012


Phillip Lim - Spring 2012


Marni - Spring 2012


Balenciaga - Spring 2012
































Clearly a big trend, transparent plastic is destined to see us through the Spring 2012 season. Designers have exposed a new element in their designs—the wearers themselves. It seems that women, who up-until-now have reserved the right to remain mysterious, might need to get a bit more transparent to stay in-fashion.


"Wash 'n' Go" hat by Stephen Jones


Marc Jacobs - Spring 2012






















There will undoubtedly be some creative styling and layering being thrown into the mix, as this material offers us the opportunity to play with possibilities. After all, what better way to highlight the clear advantage of a garment or accessory than to layer a color, contrasting texture, or shape beneath it?


Valentino - Spring 2012


Pedro Lourenço - Spring 2012


Dries Van Noten - Spring 2012


Chanel - Spring 2012


Fenton - Spring 2012





































And, lo’ and behold, there’s something for all types here. The translucent trend covers a gamut of styles, ranging from retro to futuristic, from romantic to punk, from the avant-garde to the minimalistic…and a variety in-between.

A far cry from its suffocating predecessor, clear plastic has much to offer fashion this season. This just may be the chance you were looking for to break out of the confines of your old style and get a fresh start with the new year.


Jimmy Choo - Spring 2012


Work by artist Yuki Matsueda - 2011


Dolce & Gabbana - Spring 2012


Marc Jacobs - Spring 2012


































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