Sculptor John Chamberlain’s “Hawkfliesagain,” 2010






























Comme des Garçons

Rei Kawakubo’s Spring 13 collection for Comme des Garçons was a graceful car wreck. The kind replayed in slow-mo to a screeching violin concerto on film.


John Chamberlain’s “Gangster of Love,” 1985































Reminiscent of the late John Chamberlain’s crushed-car sculptures, misplaced arms, legs, and lapels collided together with what seemed like a trunk load of ruched, folded, and crushed fabric to arrive at garments which were the farthest thing from a fatal accident. Quite the contrary, the body’s parts were strategically and purposefully reconfigured, with an intellectual backbone holding it up.


John Chamberlain Crushed-car Sculptures





John Chamberlain’s “Hanging Herm,” 1974



























































Headpieces consisting of crushed-metal pile-ups were made in collaboration with artist Graham Hudson and worthy of a halting skid-stop from break-neck speed. Consider me but-a-chalk-outline on the pavement. The overall presentation was to-die-for.


John Chamberlain’s “Awesomemeatloaf,” 2011




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