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Yinka Shonibare’s ‘Water,’ 2010


Burberry Prorsum, Spring 2012 Runway


Shoes @ Opening Ceremony


J.W. Anderson top @
















































Like an elephant at the watering hole, …a mosquito on a host at a nighttime barbeque, …a wedding crasher at the open bar—I’ve been drinking up all I can of this season’s tribal theme. It’s going to be my colorful, easy, chic go-to look for summer.

In the meantime, with an intent to soak up all things tribal, I came across the works of Yinka Shonibare, who exhibited at the Frieze Art Fair in New York last weekend. The artist’s message and social commentary is clearly in direct opposition to the frivolity and superficiality of fashion trends. However, the ii’s couldn’t help being mesmerized by the irony and energy his pieces convey, while finding inspiration in their multiple layers of visual stimulation.


Yinka Shonibare’s ‘Food Faerie,’ 2009



Proenza Schouler bag @ Barneys New York


Boxing Kitten dress @ Urban Outfitters





























I’ve always been attracted to the colorful graphic African tribal fabrics, and the ties and folds of the traditional garments worn by women on the streets of New York. The stiffer, waxed texture of the fabric, and mix of pattern/print, naturally lends itself to an effect that is both graphically vibrant and rich in depth.

Ironically enough, I learned that these were originally Indonesian designs brought to Africa by the Dutch via colonialism. While Yinka Shonibare channels that particular historical confusion to enhance his social statement, one can’t deny the added dimension it brings to a fashion story.

Boxing Kitten is an up-and-coming brand that utilizes these fabrics in a fresh way to create young, fun, fashion-forward silhouettes. Regardless of the beat a girl walks to, the drum circle she plays with, or the size of her straw pocketbook, the styles have a wide range of appeal.



Holst & Lee necklace


Issey Miyake belt @






























The tribal prints coordinate nicely back to snakeskin, raffia, wood, animal print, and woven leather elements. The addition of a slick and polished item or two will keep the look less-literal, more modern, and city-safari friendly.


Miniskirt @


Marni clutch @ Barneys New York


Woven bangle @ Urban Outfitters


Yinka Shonibare’s ‘Boy on a Globe,’ 2010


Charlotte Olympia wedge @ Bergdorf Goodman






























If you’re planning to go TRIBAL and like to be prepared, the items shown here are just a few suggested ‘supplies’ for your trip.

To find a drum circle near you and get your beat on, go to

Photos of Yinka Shonibare’s work @ and




Work by artist Jim Hodges


Comme des Garcons wallet


If you’re anything like me, you’re seeing a strong reflection of yourself in the mirrored-metal trend that’s happening. Even if it’s just to check whether your lipstick’s on straight as you rush by in a fashion frenzy, en route to purchase a gift for someone else.


Mary Katrantzou Shoe - Spring 2012


Jim Hodges installation at Gladstone Gallery


CellXpressions i-phone cover


Alejandro Ingelmo - Spring 2012


Gareth Pugh - Spring 2012


Toy2R Quee Figures in Mirrored Metallic Finish












































Who doesn’t like to give something that is a reflection of themselves and make a lasting impression on the recipient? ‘Tis the time of year for self-reflection, after all. And owning something shiny never hurt anyone, either.


Maison Martin Margiela oxfords - Fall 2011


Work by artist Jim Hodges


Comme des Garcons wallet








Luckily, some of the product shown here is available now, while other items are proof that the trend will still be around for Spring, further-insuring the worth of our investment. This could very well be your season and time to shine, assuming there’s something left in the piggy bank to treat yourself, as well.


Chloe Shoe - Spring 2012


'Tulips' and 'Balloon Dog (Blue)' by artist Jeff Koons, 2006


Stella McCartney Clutch - Spring 2012


Pamela Love cuff bracelet


Alexander Wang Shoe - Fall 2011


'Coloring Book' by artist Jeff Koons, 2011









































Artist Jim Hodges’ installation at Gladstone Gallery in New York, will be up until December 23, 2011. See more photos

Comme des Garcons wallets @Dover Street Market.

Maison Martin Margiela oxfords @Saks Fifth Avenue.

Pamela Love cuff

Alexander Wang heels @Neiman Marcus.

CellXpressions i-phone cover

Toys2R Quee figures

Works by artist Jeff Koons

Creatures that Crawl -ALEXANDER MCQUEEN











Ask me how close you can stand, when you’re spewing germs from a cold and riding my subway train. And, I will respond (gloved hand covering face) with an impatient wave in the direction of the next car.

But, inquire where your sick-est shoes can sit, and I will have them laying in my lap before you’ve even finished your sentence.


Doin' the Dance -DOLCE & GABBANA

Soaring on Spotted Wings -BALENCIAGA




























So it goes: contamination by sick shoe. A frequent victim of this…err…virus, I am always amazed at the spontaneity and speed by which the attack can occur, the irrational thought that accompanies it, and the contagion of excitement that ensues. Embarrassing as this is, I am confident that most of you, too, have not only suffered the symptoms, but have knowingly engaged in and willingly contributed to spreading them.


Go Grease Lightnin' -PRADA

High Security -GIO DIEV

Tangled in a Tango -MIU MIU












Shown here are my favorite Spring 2012 specimens to which I’ve given full authorization to freely spread their sick-ness in this direction.


Floral Fantasia -MISSONI


Quite the Catch -VIONNET




































Clearly it is an epidemic without a cure, with millions of fashion divas infected each season and feverish symptoms spreading exponentially. After all, what girl would have a fighting chance to ward off this recent strain of designer offerings?


Killer Laces -VIKTOR & ROLF

Seeing Red -CELINE


Moonwalk on Sea Shells -CHANEL

Back to the Future -RICK OWENS

Lean 'n' Mean -MUGLER

Mirror to the Sole -ROCHAS










































































While I’ve steeled my senses for a healthy fight, I am less than hopeful that my body, inner sole, and pocketbook will be able to resist that next dance with a sick shoe. It could be the fever talking, but I’d swear I heard a sick whisper, whistle, and wave coming from the Acne, Dolce and Rochas directions.


All Heels -ACNE

Out of the Woodwork -MARNI

Bad-to-the-RAG & BONE








































All shoes shown here are from the Spring 2012 designer collections.
Photos from

Okay, so we’re more than mid-week through the NYC shows. Here are some soooooo-good-so-far highlights.


What’s got BLACK & WHITE, and ME all over it?

Rendered in Black & White, these looks from Suno, Preen, Zero, and Libertine are by no means lacking in color. Black & White is a big trend.

Suno Spring

Preen Spring '12

Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring '12

Libertine Spring '12






















































Strappy details are getting a good ride on the runway. Get Excited!

Mandy Coon Spring '12

RAD by Rad Hourani Spring '12

A Détacher Spring '12

Rachel Comey Spring '12

Donna Karan Spring '12



































































These designers worked a compelling angle, architecturally speaking.

A Détacher Spring '12

Rodarte Spring '12

RAD by Rad Hourani Spring '12

Christian Coda Spring '12

Mandy Coon Spring '12

Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring '12














































































Nuh-uh…CUT IT OUT!

Garments were cut and draped around strategically-placed openings, to accent the ‘girls’…as well as a girl’s other assets. This trend is something ongoing from last season, but I thought these looks were worth noting.

Zero + Maria Cornejo

Suno Spring '12

VPL Spring '12

Vena Cava Spring '12

Rodarte Spring '12

A Détacher Spring '12















































































Loud, graphic prints–some with a retro feel–made bold statements.

Derek Lam Spring '12

Karen Walker Spring '12

Chris Benz Spring '12

10 Crosby Spring '12






















































Of the several collections still doing a strong work-out trend, these were my winners.

Alexander Wang Spring '12

VPL Spring '12





























Sure, the P.J. parade has been around the block already, but these looks were just-too-cute to sleep through.

Rachel Roy Spring '12

Band of Outsiders Spring '12





























These ii’s are always on the look-out for Trompe L’oeil, as well as other eye-turning tricks with a good dose of irony.

Alexander Herchcovich Spring '12

A Détacher Spring '12

Rachel Comey Spring '12








































All Photos From

work by artist Michael C. Goodward


I love this piece by Michael Goodward.  It always makes me laugh, and never lacks inspiration. So quiet and simple.  Yet screams with irony.  Apparently, the time is ALWAYS ‘now.’

Uh,…Duh. So why do I spend most of my time in over-analysis of my yesterday and anticipation of my tomorrow?  I can’t remember the last time I sat and relaxed in the present. My thoughts are more often lost in time, somewhere else. To think what I’ve been missing out on, eh?

YIKES! I just missed another ‘now’ moment.

'watch' by Maison Martin Margiela 2011


Furthermore, time is what we make of it. Something I gleaned from this statement piece above. Here, in typical MMM (or hMMM???) fashion, is a ‘watch’ that seems to be telling much more than the time. It really speaks to me.

At first, I heard:  “Stop watching the clock. Pay attention to what’s happening around you, stupid!”  Then I heard:  “A watch is a watch is a watch.  It is but an object. INSERT YOUR FACE HERE, IN PLACE OF THIS ONE.” 

While the mechanism itself is a timeless piece of fashion that will never go out of style, ‘time’ –and how one spends it– is clearly subjective to the wearer and more fleeting than this season’s collections.  In fact, a person spending that much cash on a watch that doesn’t tell time is yet-another telling part of the art.  Or not.  Maybe the point is to not over-think it and just buy it, if I like it. Ku-ching, end of story.

Does anyone ever have the time?  Mine is running away from me.  Yes, I’m late.  My life is waiting, at the intersection of Regret and Potential, for further direction.


Stephanie Oxford - COLE HAAN


I’d say this shoe has my name written all over it.  Though, apparently not. Looks like someone named ‘Stephanie’ already took over the marquee for this one. I’m sure she’s a nice girl. But does she have the twisted sensibility and kahonas to turn that sh*t upside down, ride it side-saddle, and own the show?

Consider this an open casting call for plaid, tweed, herringbone, houndstooth and striped partners that can lend this saddle the diversity she deserves. Whether the look is ‘Mad for Plaid’, ‘Nod to Mod’, ‘Quirky Uppercrusty’, or ‘Nerdy Collegiate,’ this shoe will be a more-than-engaging accompanist to any outfit. I promise. A hoofer like this demands a rightful director to guide her through the performance of a lifetime—to steal a few acts from the scene-sters, posers, and label queens who’ve got more than a shoe-string budget to play with.

No, the ‘Stephanie Oxford’ will never be the glitzy showgirl of your shoe closet. She is destined for something much better. With the versatility and range to support a variety of winning ensembles, she will give your wardrobe-as-a-whole the star status. In the spirit of demonstrating the rich range of styling potential here, I’ve gathered some Fall 11 runway looks below, ‘suggested pairings’ if you will (photos from  To purchase the shoe, visit

P.S.- What does a girl need to do to get a shoe named after her?!!

Carven Fall 11

Sonia Rykiel Fall 11

Dries Van Noten Fall 11

Thakoon Fall 11

Julian Louie Fall 11

Band of Outsiders Fall 11

Celine Fall 11

Christopher Kane Fall 11

Aquascutum Fall 11

Fendi Fall 11

Etro Fall 11

Burberry Fall 11

Thom Browne Fall 11

My all-time-favorite wearable collection has to be Consuelo Castiglioni’s for Marni.  I am continually entranced season after season by the luxe fabrics, inspirational prints, the mixing of rich and beautifully odd contrasting colors and textures, as well as the dead-on styling.  These factors have caused the best of us (yours-truly not excluded) to salivate with Pavlovian anticipation for each new Marni collection, with or without the prompt of a ringing bell…be it door, school, Liberty, or otherwise.  For me, the Marni Fall 11 collection was no different in effect.

I have to admit that a recent ii-opening episode involving a bell more than validated my status as full-fledged addict.  While on line at the supermarket check-out, the ring of a bell accompanied by an announcement for “clean-up in aisle 9!” had me in a brief state of disorientation.  For one very long, embarrassing moment of panic, I wondered whether my own… errr,…drool…was the cause of the mess.  After all, my shopping cart drive-by, not five minutes earlier, past rolls of graphic-print shelf paper had me jonesing for the Fall Marni suit I’d been saving up for.

Had I lost my composure when cruising the aisle?  Thankfully not.  But, upon further consideration of my habit, I think a bib might be a more appropriate investment.  Yes, a Marni bib could (would!) be the perfect Rx for my condition.  I envision it made of colorful fur or pony skin, perhaps with some chunky baubles–something very Marni, of course.  This accessory would certainly accompany the line nicely, and offer others with my same…uh…’affliction’…a way to satiate their urge, while at the same time offering a practical solution for the fall-out.  My suggestion would be to ponder that quickly–and have bib handy–prior to viewing the looks below (my faves straight from the Fall 11Runway and