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This entry is part of my RESORT ’12 TOP FAVES series.

Pedro Lourenço:  The graphic use of vibrant color, pattern and imagery, often peeking out from behind origami folds, was just the right nuance of modern interest that gave the otherwise simple shapes of Lourenço’s garments their ‘WOW, NOW’ factor. This was the second collection ever from the Brazilian designer, and I’m already a major fan. Yes, that WAS me in the corner, waving the giant palm leaf, attempting to keep my cool amidst the fainters.

Pedro Lourenço

Pedro Lourenço

Pedro Lourenço







































RESORT DESTINATION???: The pieces of this collection, while possibly inspired by an island paradise, are too clean, crisp, and architecturally sophisticated to be lazing around under a sweaty palm tree on a deserted beach, sharing oneness with the humidity. They embody an arresting see-and-be-seen, mingling-with-confidence aura that is the energy source itself. Those of you baring sweaty palms, please take note. No room at this party for anything wilted or clammy. Even applause.

The graphics and aesthetic structures of the clothes bring to mind the work of Brazilian architectural firm Studio MK27, as well as the prints of German artist Roland Fischer. In fact, Lourenço’s girl could very well be destined to randomly crash a party at the MK27 Studio’s “Decameron” structure, or be spied gliding through a cool, 60-degree-fahrenheit gallery space at Art Basel-Miami, where Fischer’s prints might grace the walls.

"Decameron" - by Brazilian architectural firm Studio MK27

"Decameron" by Studio MK27 - photo from

Pedro Lourenço

"Eldorado" by Roland Fischer, Brasilia, 2006

Pedro Lourenço

"Serralves" by Roland Fischer, 2005

"Berrini" by Roland Fischer, Sao Paulo, 2006

Pedro Lourenço






























































Photos of Pedro Lourenço’s Resort 2012 collection are from


This entry is part of my RESORT ’12 TOP FAVES series.

Christopher Kane














CHRISTOPHER KANE: Amidst the horrendous heat of summer, who wouldn’t crave a lick of a rainbow sno-cone served up in a crisp, pleated silver-foil cup?  That was Christopher Kane’s Resort ’12 collection.  His thirst-quenching spectrum of melt-in-your-mouth color, infused with a splash of icy metallics, practically beamed me to another dimension.  The explosion of color and futuristic feel paralleled that of Katharina Grosse’s “One Floor Up More Highly” installation currently on show @MASS MoCA….an otherworldly experience.

Kane’s collection, which sang an electronically synthesized version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that could’ve easily been delivered in a space capsule driven by Kraftwerk, was brought down to earth by the clean, neatly-contained, minimalist structure of his garments.  The clothes offered a cool, fresh slate for fashion in the nearest future of January.  See an edited preview below, and remainder of the collection at the website.

RESORT DESTINATION???:  Another wavelength, or galaxy, far far away….the planet Krypton, perhaps?

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

Katharina Grosse's "One Floor Up More Highly" (photo:

Katharina Grosse's "One Floor Up More Highly" (photo:

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

Planet Krypton--image from the movie Superman II

"Cold Night on the Planet Krypton" by Ben Kimball

Christopher Kane Resort 2012

This entry is part of my RESORT ’12 TOP FAVES series.

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic



























ROKSANDA ILINCIC:   At first blink, Roksanda Ilincic’s collection might simply seem a throwback to the moviestar glam era of the 1940’s.  However, it became immediately obvious to me how refreshingly modern and wearably chic her pieces were.  This was due primarily to her spin of vibrant colors begging to quench the senses, mixed with a high-waisted silhouette, the two statement-making threads woven throughout. This collection had a heap of personality and character, without taking itself too seriously.  In a word, it was ‘happy’.

Furthermore, not only did the items coordinate well together as complete looks, but individually stood strong on their own as well.  I especially loved her take on the raglan sleeve ‘baseball-style’ cropped top–the sleeve structure and stiffer fabrication of which gave it a unique sculptural feel.  And…LOVED the wide-leg culottes! Although, unless the client has a model’s figure, I can see how these might be a difficult sell. Below are more of my favorite looks.  These photos and the rest of the collection can be viewed @

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic

After a heavy Holiday 2011 meal, who wouldn’t crave a fresh look to cleanse the palate?  So, it was rather apropos that designers blew a breath of minty-fresh air to coax us into the new season.  I found the most refreshing color trend of the Resort ’12 shows to be just that…cool and ‘minty’ in flavor.

Giambattista Valli














This color of the moment, mint-green, was offered in an ample variety of intensities, to surely tingle the taste buds of even the most-discerning palates.  Ranging from pastel spearmint to vibrant wintergreen, the color was cool, light, easy on the eyes and serene on the senses.

Perhaps shopping, amidst the January SALE customers, won’t leave such a bad taste in our mouths after all.  Until then, a couple Mojitos, a gargle with SCOPE and brushing three-times-a-day will have to do the trick.  Here’s a sample taste of what you can look forward to, a few of my favorite minty flaves to wet the whistle:   [Photos from]

Antonio Berardi

Zero + Maria Cornejo

Kevork Kiledjian


No. 21


Roksanda Ilincic


Nina Ricci

The Row




We already know that bold prints, especially the island florals, are a big trend story for Resort 2012. But, would you ever have imagined that matching the print of one’s shirt to the print of one’s pants, to the print of one’s jacket, to that of one’s hat, and so on—once considered a stamp of the fashion novice—could be a refreshingly inventive new way to style them?


Antonio Marras



























Not since Garanimals, at age 5, have I had this much excitement over the thought of matchy-matchy silhouettes. Oddly more subtle than the cacophony of mixing several prints among various coordinating pieces–the sign of a true fashion diva if you can pull it off (check out Prada’s Resort ’12 collection)–this is still a bold look reserved for the risk-takers who are up to walking a fine line that skirts the fashion faux-pas. On one hand, entering a room dressed in the same print from head to toe is a sure way to stand out and get noticed. On the other, if the walls and windows of the room you’re standing in are also wearing your look, it may warrant apprehension by the fashion police…(if they can find you!) Comprendez?

HINT: Appearing as if you’ve been wallpapered head-to-toe, by the contractor who’s renovating your country house, is NOT the aim here.  The look requires clean, sharp execution, accompanied by a crisp, sophisticated attitude.  The bolder the print, the cleaner the structure of the garment should be.  Suggested accessories: a smirk and a wink. Here are some Resort ’12 looks that inspired me to dive full-body into what I’m dubbing ‘The Wallpapered Look’.  Photos from

Louis Vuitton




Stella McCartney




Ter et Bantine

Marc Jacobs



With the final stretch of the Women’s Resort shows behind us, and an athletic spirit lingering in the air…(sans the locker room odor, thankfully!)…I’ve taken a timeout to re-hydrate, get an oxygen facial, and devise a game plan for choosing my key investments of the season.  My playbook outlines a jumpstart on the trends—the biggest of which being “Athletics”.

*Alexander Wang Resort 12














For Resort 2012, the athletic influence ran the gamut from subtle sport references, to full-out workout get-ups.  Furthermore, we were thrown a curve-ball with swimwear that appeared to bat for function, yet at the same time embody the sleek-sensual-scant M.O. a girl cheers for.  Sport-inspired accessories, such as high heels laced up to the ankle like a boxing shoe, leather visors, and a key fob slung around the neck (Givenchy, GENIUS!) that could also hold a whistle in case one is heading to referree a 7th Ave sample sale, were incorporated into the collections to help us further envision the mood.

I’ve got my eyes on a pair of slim pants with vertical stripe up each leg and perfect hint of tennis from Fendi.  Other must-haves on my list are a scuba-inspired vest and hot boxing-style shorts from Alexander Wang, loose and flow-y wideleg trackpants by Derek Lam, and a shrunken leather LV motocross jacket.  At the top of my list, though, are the Givenchy pullover knit shrug and skirt with ‘cut-outs’ in just the right spots to enable clean, sexy ease and mobility in/on the fashion field.

Below is a starting line-up that demonstrates how the athletic trend varied from one designer to the next.  My personal picks for MVP all-stars are marked with an asterisk (*).  Photos are from

*Givenchy Resort 12

*Givenchy Resort 12

Francesco Scognamiglio Resort 12

*Alexander Wang Resort 12

*Prabal Gurung Resort 12

Band of Outsiders Resort 12

Fendi Resort 12

Louis Vuitton Resort 12

*Roksanda Ilincic Resort 12

*10 Crosby Derek Lam

Alberta Ferretti Resort 12

VPL Resort 12

Chloe Resort 12

*A.L.C. Resort 12

Kevork Kiledjian Resort 12

*Vionnet Resort 12

Michael Kors Resort 12

Gucci Resort 12

Yes, you heard right.  As difficult as it might be to keep up with the newest ‘new black’, it seems designers are determined to make this one stick at least through the beginning of next year, as their Resort 2012 collections were still very hot on the Colorblock (so hot that one might wonder if Monsieurs Mondrian and YSL are turning over in their graves.)

It seems you’ll be able to get more mileage out of the already-done damage your credit cards have endured in the name of Colorblock.  I’m thinking about all those Spring SALE and pre-ordered Fall trunk show ‘investments’ you’ve made.  That said, I am still wary of this trend’s potential for ‘done to death’ status, leaving a trail of trampled fashion victims in its wake. Nowadays, mainstream retailers are so quick to do “the nasty” with a knock-off, the carcass is often left by the wayside long before the runway collection itself gets to stores.  And by then, no matter how sacred the burial ground, most in-the-know ii’s can’t tolerate another look at it.

This in mind, I choose my investments carefully, typically banking on the lasting uniqueness and longevity of a piece.  The key is to seek out something unusual enough to peak return interest for seasons to come, long after the trend is six feet under.  Amidst the overloaded spectrum of Colorblock pieces gracing the runways, here were the looks I was most attracted to, those which indicated the promise of having a long afterlife in my wardrobe (photos from

Prabal Gurung Resort 12

Zero + Maria Cornejo Resort 12

Pedro Lourenço Resort 12

Peter Pilotto Resort 12

Alexander Wang Resort 12

Balenciaga Resort 12

Chanel Resort 12

Roksanda Ilincic Resort 12

Celine Resort 12

VPL Resort 12

Julian Louie Fall 11

Marc Jacobs Fall 11

Balenciaga Fall 11

Aquascutum Fall 11

Sonia Rykiel Fall 11

United Bamboo Fall 11

Libertine Fall 11

Prada Fall 11