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As much as I do love the purity and intensity of what is clearly either black or white, it seems the subtle nuances (a fleeting emotion, mood, vulnerability) of a story can only be truly expressed through its shades of grey.

So it goes that the complexities of a city girl are best told in the grey garden of a concrete belle. For her story, check out the most recent issue of Odalisque Magazine.

Photography by Ellinor Stigle. Styling by Kelly Abbate. Make-up and Hair by Virginia Linzee. Model is Marine/ONE Management.



Here is a taste of the new online weekly called The Odalisque Magazine, which launched a few days ago. Odalisque seeks to ‘challenge, question, and pay tribute to the objectified human body,’ as stated on its masthead.



I recently had the opportunity to work on this project, THE LOVERS, for their launch issue. To see more, visit

With an editorial staff headquartered in Stockholm, the periodical has set out to provide a platform for fashion photography and visual arts aimed at engaging the viewer with ‘artistic and eccentric imagery.’ It seems that pushing boundaries is one of its main priorities, which is why I was initially attracted. It’s definitely worth checking out.



Photography by Ellinor Stigle. Styling by Kelly Abbate.
Make-up by Virginia Linzee. Model Amanda Casagrande / One Management.